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All the products in our catalogue are engineered and manufactured by PLAY JUGGLING. They are the result of over 15 years experience in manufacturing juggling equipment. An experience which is costantly growing thanks to our great passion for juggling and to our biggest priority since we started: talking to jugglers, collecting everyone's opinion in order to have a clear idea about what they need to be happy using our props. All the improvments done during the last few years come from the direct collaboration with some of the best jugglers in the world whom have always been very happy to help us. Our goal is to keep being trusted by jugglers and the only way to make it happen, is to manufacture directly every single component of our products, taking care of the whole production process. This is why we are proud to say that all PLAY JUGGLING products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Starting from June 2014 we decided to improve the range of products available on our web store by adding a selection of props which are not manufactured inside our factory in Italy. For the first time in our history you can buy lots of top quality equipment coming from all over the world. This operation comes from successful collaborations established through the years with some of the most important manufactures in the world and aims to provide an even richer and comprehensive service.