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Sil-X and Sil-X Implosion

The SIL-X is the ultimate juggling ball. It's a soft stage ball with a very special feature which is the result of an intense research work: 1/3 of its internal volume is filled with a special LIQUID SILICONE. The barycentre is low and the ball remains super stable on high throws and easy for foot catches and head rolling/balancing. The principle is similar to the Russian balls' although it's a very different ball. The LIQUID SILICONE, unlike any kind of grain, slides perfectly inside the ball so that even when the ball is thrown with a spin it doesn't wobble in the air. Moreover the Silicone is injected through a very small hole allowing us to use an almost invisible plastic tapered pin as a plug. (Note to curious jugglers; although the plug can be extracted and is extremely hard to push into the ball, you should not force it inside otherwise you will not be able to recuperate it).This special LIQUID SILICONE is totally non-toxic (normally used in the food industry as a lubricant), and therefore totally safe. The outer shell of the ball is rotary moulded much like our stage balls with a deep set hole that holds the “invisible plug” firmly in place. This is undoubtedly the most advanced juggling ball on the market today! Designed, engineered and produced by the same team that brought you the indisputably top of the range PX3 juggling clubs.

Fantastic evolution of our most famous SIL-X, the IMPLOSION has already conquered the hearts of thousands of jugglers around the world. The transparent rotary moulded shell, even softer and more elastic than classic SIL-X shell, shows the special LIQUID SILICONE and its stabilizing action that makes it so easy to control. The colored versions are all beautifully UV REACTIVE.


    6,10 €

    Konfigurieren Sie Ihre Bälle und wählen Schale, Farbe und Füllung


    6,90 €

    Der SIL-X ist der ultimative Jonglierball. Eine elastische Hülle, die mit einer ganz besonderen Flüssigkeit gefüllt ist: 1/3 ihres Innenvolumens ist mit FLÜSSIGEM SILIKON gefüllt. Der Schwerpunkt ist niedrig und der Ball bleibt bei hohen Würfen super stabil und leicht für Fußfänge und Kopfrollen / Balancieren. Das Prinzip ähnelt dem der russischen Bälle, obwohl es ein ganz anderer Ball ist....


    6,10 € 8,20 € -25%

    Die IMPLOSION, die fantastische Entwicklung unseres berühmtesten SIL-X, hat bereits die Herzen von Tausenden von Jongleuren auf der ganzen Welt erobert.

    Die transparente rotationsgeformte Hülle, die noch weicher und elastischer als die klassische SIL-X-Hülle ist, zeigt das spezielle FLÜSSIGE SILIKON und seine stabilisierende Wirkung, die die Steuerung so einfach macht. Die farbigen...