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PX4 - Rigid fibreglass core - standard weight

EXTREME DURABILITY Here at PLAY we love the idea of creating "indestructible" products. The single-shell molded handle, no staples, no tape, no glue. We have spent years experimenting and improving each element in order to make a quality product that lasts. We have worked to make our clubs virtually maintenance-free and quick to assemble, allowing us to offer these wonders at a truly competitive price.

INNOVATIVE GRIP Thanks to a new type of plastic compound called "soft touch," we've achieved the perfect compromise between solid feel and soft grip. The more you use them, the more you will fall in love with these extraordinary, virtually indestructible handles. Choose from long or short, smooth or wrapped.

COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE Create your perfect club. Customize it by choosing each component from a wide range of colors for millions of possible combinations.