PLAY offers the top-of-the-range clubs available on the market today. Surely the segment of production where we invest most of our R & D resources. PLAY has introduced most of the technical innovations that the industry has seen over the last 20 years. Many customizable models in millions of color combinations  and unmatched technical features that make our PX3, PX3 Light, PX4 and EX1 clubs by far the strongest and most reliable in the world. What else do you need from a piece of equipment whose terrible destiny is to be smashed on the ground by merciless jugglers hundreds of thousands times?!  

It is not by chance that  Wes Peden, the greatest living juggler, one of the most phenomenal creative talents we've ever met, has extensively contributed to the continuous improvement of our beloved clubs over the last few years, testing prototypes and providing precious feedback like only a real pro could do. We could never be more grateful and we look forward to keep coming back with great new products developed in collaboration with him.