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  • Color: Orange UV
  • Weight: 0Kg - 0Kg


    The SIL-X LIGHT comes from the combination of the soft SRX shell filled with the silicone oil already used in our SIL-X balls. More and more professional jugglers have requested this type of combination during the last years and their reaction was so enthusiastic that we simply had to add this ball to our range! SIL-X LIGHT results to be quite similar to Russian balls in terms of...



    Once more Play innovates ages before anyone else! The SRX (SOFT RUSSIAN), manufactured by PLAY since 2005, is the first Russian Style Ball on the market that keeps the common features of this kind of ball (dead drop, easy foot/body catches, lightness) while providing a truly unique shell softness. SRX can be partially filled either with very thin quartz sand or millet seeds. The sand...