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    €4.00 €5.30 -25%

    The new PLUG&PLAY Russian ball by PLAY. Now available in 8 pastel colors made of the same "SOFT TOUCH" plastic used for the PX4 handles. A much warmer and easy to control shell compared to the previous version. Available in 3 sizes. Following the requests of many professional jugglers we created a semi-hard plastic shell with a generous 8 mm hole for filling the ball very easily with...


    €11.10 €14.80 -25%

    Pair of POI specially designed for teaching to kids and absolute beginners in general. The practice of this discipline  gives great satisfaction and allows you to deal with the theme of coordination between right and left hand in a fun and dynamic way. The adjustable rope, the light and very soft ball and the comfortable handle equipped with high quality ball bearing swivels, make it product...


    €6.10 €8.20 -25%

    Fantastic evolution of our most famous SIL-X, the IMPLOSION has already conquered the hearts of thousands of jugglers around the world.

    The transparent rotary moulded shell, even softer and more elastic than classic SIL-X shell, shows the special LIQUID SILICONE and its stabilizing action that makes it so easy to control. The colored versions are all beautifully UV REACTIVE. This 300...