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Russian Balls



    Once more Play innovates ages before anyone else! The SRX (SOFT RUSSIAN), manufactured by PLAY since 2005, is the first Russian Style Ball on the market that keeps the common features of this kind of ball (dead drop, easy foot/body catches, lightness) while providing a truly unique shell softness. SRX can be partially filled either with very thin quartz sand or millet seeds. The sand provides the typical Russian ball's behavior with a weight concentration in a smaller volume, while the millet seed confers a less dramatic "Russian ball effect" making the ball more versatile and much easier for contact and body rolls. The shell has a MATTE finish on the 67mm and 75mm versions which makes them less "sticky" and therefore more suitable for MULTIPLEX throws, and glossy finish on the 78mm version which makes them look shiny on stage and confers an excellent grip.



    Configure your balls choosing shell, color and filling.



    The new PLUG&PLAY Russian ball by PLAY. Now available in 8 pastel colors made of the same "SOFT TOUCH" plastic used for the PX4 handles. A much warmer and easy to control shell compared to the previous version. Available in 3 sizes. Following the requests of many professional jugglers we created a semi-hard plastic shell with a generous 8 mm hole for filling the ball very easily with sand, salt, flour and even seeds of pretty big dimension. A simple and smart design that allows to reach the desired weight and behavior of your balls which can be changed in a few seconds as many times as you want. Each ball comes with a silicone plug to keep the contents safe and secure. We propose 2 standard fillings, QUARTZ SAND (for the typical "Russian" effect) or MILLET SEED (for a smoother flight behavior).



    Last survivors of the first series of PLUG&PLAY  made with hard plastic shell and glossy finish.



    Silicone plugs of our legendary PLUG & PLAY Russian balls. Suitable for all 3 models of 65mm, 75mm and 80mm diameter. The silicone offers an exceptional grip over the balls' shells allowing to plug them safely without using any type of glue and leaving the freedom to experiment with different types of fillings and weight.