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Hybrid & Lights

This page is dedicated to the latest developments of the PLAY juggling balls range, by far the biggest selection of juggling balls in the world! SIL-X HYBRIDS and SIL-X LIGHT have been used by several professional jugglers during the last years and represent the most advanced frontier of ball juggling. Basically SIL-X HIBRIDS is a standard SIL-X shell underfilled with millet seeds, while SIL-X LIGHT features the same extra soft shell of our SRX Soft Russian with silicone oil filling. It's simple combinations of already existing components, but the result it's something surprisingly new!!!



    The Hybrids are perfect for mixing contact, toss juggling and some footwork. They roll very truly and stall very solidly. Although they have some 'russian' properties they are still well behaved during long-path bodyrolls.



    The SIL-X LIGHT comes from the combination of the soft SRX shell filled with the silicone oil already used in our SIL-X balls. More and more professional jugglers have requested this type of combination during the last years and their reaction was so enthusiastic that we simply had to add this ball to our range! SIL-X LIGHT results to be quite similar to Russian balls in terms of shell/filling weight ratio, which means that you juggle a very light Russian ball avoiding the "funny" behavior of heavy fillings like sand of other types of grains. A light ball that is perfect for training endurance with big numbers and it's at the same time easy for stalls and foot work. It will roll on the floor a bit more than classic Russian balls but still won't go too far. The extremely soft shell is very pleasant to manipulate and helps dramatically the collection of many balls in one hand. 



    Configure your balls choosing shell, color and filling.