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PX3 - PX3 Light - PX4 - EX1

PLASTIC DOWEL What made the PX3 so popular over last decade is its indestructble extruded flexible dowel. An invention that has changed the world of club juggling and that finds today its best application in our new generation of clubs.

FIBREGLASS CORE At the core of the PX4 is a fibreglass rod, giving you both solidity and resilience. Bend it, bang it or run over it in a car and it will simply spring back into shape. The mechanical benefits of the fiberglass core combined with the new EVO GRIP make the PX4 more responsive, assuring you even greater control.

EXTREME DURABILITY At PLAY we love the idea of creating products that are “indestructible”. The one-piece moulded handle. No staples, no tape, no glue. We have spent years experimenting and improving on each element in order to make a quality product that lasts. We have worked to make our clubs virtually maintenance-free and swift to assemble, allowing us to deliver these beauties at a competitive price.

INNOVATIVE GRIP Thanks to a new type of plastic compound called "soft touch", we achieved the perfect compromise between solid feel and smooth grip. Choose between long or short, and smooth or wrapped.

FULLY CUSTOMISABLE Choose body length, end profile and handle style to create your perfect club. Then personalise it by choosing each component from a wide range of colours.