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This is the first one piece juggling club from Play, another excellent prop! One Piece Clubs are generally designed as an entry level product. They feature no decoration, a one-piece design and are extremely durable. What separates the PRIMA club from other entry level clubs is it's appeal to seasoned jugglers. The club features a very unique soft flex body, which allows for tricks that simply can't be done with other clubs one the market. Professional jugglers have found this club to be a great addition to their collection of juggling props. Thanks to its perfect weight and balance PRIMA is the perfect club for those who are approaching club juggling. NOW AVAILABLE IN 7 COLORS + GLOW IN THE DARK!!!



    Our first one-piece club, another excellent quality product. PRIMA despite being inexpensive and seemingly very similar to other beginners' clubs, is very well balanced and is made of a soft and durable material that allows tricks that cannot be tried with other clubs. For this reason, in addition to being recommended for beginners, it is highly appreciated by experienced jugglers who...