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 Our shells are made of 100% Phthalates-free soft PVC. They are available in 5 sizes and 2 different thicknesses for a total of 8 options. Extremely elastic, durable and easy to wash with any type of detergent. When you don't juggle them, we recommend to keep your balls stored in a separate bag since PVC can easily get permanently stained getting in contact with inks as from the pages of a review or pens and markers.

  •  SOFT shells are approx 2 mm thick. As soft as beanbags, they are more forgiving on collisions and tempt to roll much less on the floor. These are the shells used for MMXSRX and SIL-X Light balls.


  •  ELASTIC shells are approx 4 mm thick. They feel solid, precise and allow to work easier on head and body rolls.  These are the shells used for SIL-X and HYBRID balls.



 62-67-70-75 mm   MATTE (soft touch)             

 78 mm  GLOSSY (ultra grip)

  •  FILLING  The value  1/2  it's just indicative for under-filled balls. The actual amount of filling you will receive it is what we recommend and use in the manufacturing of our most popular juggling balls. It can vary from a minimum of 1/3 to a maximum of 1/2 of the internal shell volume depending on the shell's diameter and thickness. It is digitally weighted with high precision devices for every single ball.  The balls' plugs can be removed allowing you to adjust the weight of the balls by yourself.


Please refer to the WEIGHTS CHART  below  to find out the total weight of the ball you have created.




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